Todor Hotel Textile

todor-textile-1170x305px Beauty is in the details, especially when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry. Stand out with elegance and charm, and your guests will appreciate the little things: comfortable, modern and extremely special textile. Tradition in textile manufacture with experience and innovations in the hospitality business make a winning combination for a new business venture of Todor Company. The Todorovic family built their business reputation in the fashion industry. We have transferred our desire to understand the needs and wants of the modern guest from the fashion to the hospitality industry. Now, it is our desire to merge these two know-hows and two passions into one – one that will ensure your hotel gets that “special touch”. The basic demand of guests and employees is to provide and receive comfort and luxury, especially through hotel textile. The next demand is to provide economical textile that is functional for use. Hotel textile is special, since it will be exploited to the highest degree. It must respond to demanding conditions such as everyday washing, drying and ironing. And through all that, it must remain aesthetically appealing. Todor Hotel Textile offers the following qualities:
  • Decade long experience in the manufacture of clothing lines
  • Experience in answering the needs of the hotel industry, gained through management of several hotels in Serbia
  • New and unique manufacture programme for hotel textile
  • Certificate for materials by the CIS Institute
Choose the best for your hotel. Choose experience and tradition. Choose high quality textile. Your search will lead you to Todor Hotel Textile programme! Find out more..