Hotelier’s welcome

rec-hotelijera Welcome to Belgrade Art Hotel. We hope that you will spend pleasant moments here and bring only the best memories from Belgrade! On behalf of our employees we wish you an enjoyable stay in Serbia and we thank you for choosing Belgrade Art Hotel. Our hotel is located in the centre of Belgrade, in Knez Mihailova Street, in the pedestrian zone of the city. We have the privilege of being the only hotel in the capital's main street, and our doors are located only a dozen meters from Knez Mihailova's landmark that puts Belgrade on the map. Your stay at Belgrade Art Hotel will give you the opportunity to explore the most attractive parts of the city by foot, and the absence of vehicles guarantees a peaceful night. By choosing Belgrade Art Hotel you have chosen a small family establishment away from the crowd, high buildings, uniformity and rigid rules of large hotel chains. In our hotel you will soon meet all employees and other guests, and also give us a chance to get to know you and accommodate you to the fullest. Belgrade Art Hotel belongs to the Todorovic family, a family known in the fashion industry. We have transferred our desire to understand the needs and wants of the modern man from the fashion to the hospitality industry. As in any good clothing store, our guests will find anything at their fingertips, the choices are plentiful and the staff accommodating. Here you will find art, a concept stated in our hotel's name. It is the art of design, the art of gratifying our guests, and just a touch of modern art. All this is weaved into the details in our hotel. Our facilities present the works of young artists from Serbia - paintings and sculptures that you can buy and carry with you as a memento. You will also see the results of work of the Italian designer from Florence, which devised every detail of Belgrade Art Hotel. We invite you to give into the magic of high class service and experience Belgrade Art Hotel as a place of comfort and rest, a place for meetings and pleasant times with your friends and business partners, a place for conferences, business meetings and company events. Our restaurant overlooking Knez Mihailova Street is open until late hours with weekend performances by young and talented musicians. Be sure to recommend Avgustin Waffle & Ice Bar located on the ground floor to all Belgrade's guests. And before you come to stay at Belgrade Art Hotel again, we suggest a trip to Vrnjacka banja, and our Aleksandar hotel, for a truly Serbian spa experience.