About Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, and its very name means White city. The city was first named in the year 878, and it was called that because of the Fort that was the city’s landmark.

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with a very turbulent history. Given that it is located on the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, Belgrade is also known as „the gate of East and the door to West“. Contemporary Belgrade is dubbed „Eastern Europe's city of the future“ (FDI magazine, 2006) and has already been established as a great industrial, commercial, tourist, cultural, educational and political centre.

Located at Knez Mihailova Street, one of the most beautiful pedestrian and shopping zones in Belgrade, Belgrade Art Hotel is ideally positioned whether you are in the city on business, for a conference or for a weekend getaway. You can start exploring Belgrade as soon as you step out, since many landmarks and attractions are only a few minutes away from the city. Or just take a walk through the streets of Belgrade and feel the atmosphere of this busy city.

Restaurants, bars, galleries and antique shops are all around you – allow the explorer in you to guide you. Wherever you go, you are heading in the right direction!


  • National Theatre (2 minute walk)
  • Prince Mihailo Monument (1.5 minute walk)
  • Belgrade fortress and Park (3 minute walk)
  • Terazije Square (5 minute walk)
  • Skadarlija (3 minute walk)
  • St. Michael's Cathedral (5 minute walk)
  • The Temple of Saint Sava ( 7 minutes by taxi)

Prince Mihailo Monument

Kalemegdan Fortress

The Temple of Saint Sava